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Originally Posted by SL3661 View Post
I'll probably show up to take a couple pictures.

Once you get the dance down it's actually quite easy. The dance has like two repetition with some minor changes in between. And you can use any arranges of Bad Apple by making some small adjustments (ie: Koakuma Apple and Draw the Emotional).
I have no reaction time whatsoever, xD. I can do cirnos math class, but i want to "attempt"
them on my getta as well, most likely will end up as a slightly modified dance if i do.

@eBay Sniper
Should we mark two places of where we will be on the AX map? I remember it was abit
hectic last gathering, and gathering outside outright may be hard for most people to spot,
but to have like the meeting at the main wing, then the pictures out in the back may make it abit more organized?
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