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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Technically Nehelenia has stiletto sandals but you never see them in the anime or manga. There only seen in the production sketches are character designs. lol I wearing a pair of flats for her because the dress is so long.
You are such a cheater, lol. I got some Dr. Scholls today special for heels. I hope they work. I'll try the Dollar Store soon.

Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
At least their Victorian/flared heals. Stilettos at that high are just evil.

My Venus boots are close to a 2.5" incline, the heel total is 4" but has a 1.5" platform on the toes.

I also going to say you could use glass paint on the gem of the tiara to recourse it turquoises from green with a coat. They come in removable glass paints formula, Pebeo makes one and you can sometimes get some at the dollar store. Once your don't you just peel the paint off and the surface in fine. (Use them on my computers in school lol)
Wow, really? o_o I never heard of peel able paint before, lol. Cool, thanks. I'll see about that too.
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