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Kagamine Rin Improvements

Hello! In February, I did my first cosplay as Rin Kagamine. I did buy the costume, but I made the headphones, (not the bow) and styled the wig myself. (I realize it's bad, but I've already fixed that.) I'm willing to try and make some modifications to the cosplay, and am wondering how I could do that. I would like a lot of criticism, for I am planning to do this cosplay again in a couple of months.

I am planning on remaking the headphones, so they light up. I am also considering remaking the shorts, for they are a bit long. I also plan on re-sewing the lace to match how Rin's lace actually is. I'm also considering remaking the shoes, and somehow making them semitransparent.

In the picture, it's a lot of the pictures that my group of Vocaloid friends and I took, with it cropped only to be me. In the one, that is my Len counterpart, with her face blurred. None of the photo's have been edited, and that's just them as they are.

I would like a lot of constructive criticism, I'd really appreciate it! I think I did pretty good for my first cosplay! I am hoping to make my own very soon too! Thanks a lot!
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