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Ah, reverse situation that's interesting. xD

I believe in other interviews (or on his Tumblr?) Gillen said that YA would be more... optimistic? I think that's the word he used. So, I have hope that he won't break Billy and Teddy up... or at least only temporarily. Like maybe just time away from each other rather than a full-on break-up? However, it is kind of hard to trust writers sometimes. XD; The ending to JiM kind of left this painful knot in my chest for awhile.

Yep, sure will be! Well, I also watch Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and I thought Aya as the Anti-Monitor looked really cool. Plus Bruce Timm is going to be at SDCC. I tried asking for a quote on the "Commissions Wanted" but I guess you have to be here for 30 days? But I'm kind of confused because I've seen other posts where people didn't fill the 10-post requirement or the 30-day one and they can post up ads. o-o;

It's okay, though. I don't think I could afford that right now. But... it would be nice to have at least one more cosplay if I'm going all four days. I've considered Zatanna from Young Justice. My roommate wants to cosplay as Cheshire and she kind of wants me to cosplay as a YJ character too. x)
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