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Originally Posted by Vaesauce View Post
Easier said than done. And most girls would just assume you're desperate lol.
If those girls think you're desperate for wanting to talk to them than they are not worth it. You guys are there to have fun and "Meet people". I have been in a relationship for nine years and I can safely say just be yourself.

I find it that more girls tend to hit on me or even ask me out(sometimes gets me in trouble with the girl) when I just have a good time and don't worry. I will walk up to anyone when I see a conversation possible(Sometimes being a little buzzed makes it easier) and start talking to them. One of two things normally happens. They hardly say anything(even if you ask them questions) this is normally a sign to just move to the next person because they don't want to talk or they are distracted. The second thing is they talk your head off and you have a great time!

I am very understanding and silly because all I care about is having fun and getting to meet people. This tends to attract some girls to me and it's not because of my looks trust me i'm not that good looking :P. So seriously give it a shot it can't hurt! It's better at the end of the day to say you tried than to keep wondering.

The best time I think to meet people is room parties. I dunno if all cons have them, but back home in Kentucky we had room parties all the time.
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