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Congratulations on your future graduation! n_n What are you studying? Or should I say what did you study?

I personally felt there was a good balance between the characters in issue 3, so hopefully that won't be an issue. :-) It's great that the creative team is so approachable... it helps make the whole experience more enjoyable.

It's kind of odd. I did try posting up an ad twice, but I always got that message about being approved by a mod and they never got posted. So, I kind of scratch my head when I see those other ads. Ah, well. That would be wonderful, but I never really made anything of that nature... I can't even decoupage shoes right, haha. I do want to learn how to be able to construct costumes someday, though.

My roommate had to point out that YJ Zatanna does not wear a top hat. Or at least, I don't recall her ever wearing one in the show. But, yes... I guess I do have to remind myself if what I want to do is practical or not. ^_^;; So, perhaps Zatanna would be a better choice.
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