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waht is this
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I haven't worn lolita out in public yet, but I am going to this week at the cherry blossom festival in DC! I went to DC once in a fairy-kei outfit and with a blue/pink wig on and many people stared. But there was this one couple that came up to me and was like "You look like you came out of a dream". which tottaly made my day. Someone thought I was Miku though... People try and take sneaky pictures of you but just smile and stare them in the face.

UPDATE: I went to DC on Sunday and it was so fun being in lolita. I got a few "what the hells!?" and a few "look its katy perry/nicki minaj!" but a lot of people were really nice about and asked for pictures. The little kids are the best part though, they really think you're a princess or something and making them smile is great! Everyone thought I was the Cherry Blossom Princess which was really funny ahahaaa

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