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I was pretty much thinking it's impossible for me to lose weight - I blamed everything, from faulty genetics, to bad thyroid, to the overabundance of tempting things in the world.
The thing that helped me, and hopefully will benefit you is calorie tracking! It's an extremely annoying thing to do on paper, though. In the past, I have tried it but dropped after a few days as it was too annoying. Writing, counting... it's depressing! A few weeks ago, I discovered a place where you could have your food intake diary online. Basically, you find out how much you should eat, according to your activity levels, you tell them how much you ate, they tell you all the nutritional values of it! There are most brands and foods listed, so it's pretty easy. I made this calorie tracking thing into a game, and damn, I am in it for a second week and going on. And I can see the benefit already it's still minor, but I can feel it's working.
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