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I'm trying to get in shape to pull off a shirtless Kratos. Not as bulky but with the muscles clearly defined. I plan on doing some crossplaying and I really don't wanna make the character look like they overdosed on steroids lol. I really just want a defined dancer/swimmers build.

My routine:
I go to Planet Fitness before work and get 2 hours in. I spend an hour on the tredmil and then I go to their 12 minute ab area. You work all of your abdominal muscles so I do that one once every two days so I don't injure myself. And then I work my chest, back, and arms on various machines. I never follow a set pattern so my body dosent adjust itself to my workouts. I also do yoga at home before I go to sleep and when I wake up. I also eat healthier now. I went from a size 40 to a 36 in about 2 monthsand that was just cutting out junk food. I normally heat just veggies and fruit but I add meats on the weekend or when before a workout that I know is going to be tough.
Current Cosplays in progress:
Cloud Strife from Kingdom Hearts 1 25% done
Able Nightroad from Trinity Blood (Still working on the pattern)
Vincent Valentine from Fina Fantasy 7 50% done

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