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Originally Posted by Kaze Saffire View Post
Aladdin: chibialexchan, fluffyharness
Alibaba Saluja: Karasu 416, Kibakun, TMLiza acquaintance, Sastis, 13Kai-Kai acquaintance
Morgiana: Touchmon, Cherrin, spiritualizes, Karasu 416 acquaintance, Tangledinblue acquaintance, violet lights, TMLiza, celZUKI, MH acquaintance
Sinbad: Karasu 416 acquaintance
Judal: Electro-Rabu, izarin, MH
Pisti: 13Kai-Kai
Ja'far: spiritualizes acquaintance
Yamuraiha - SP
Kassim - Kaze Saffire cousin
Hakuryuu Ren - fluffyharness acquaintance ( ? )

Combined with animenext forums. Sound off if any of the accounts are yours so I can change this accordingly.
I am also TMliza. on the an forums. And I agree with having the photshoot on Saturday.
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...You are now dubbed the Persona ninja.

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