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Thank you! :] I'm an Anthropology major.

I thought issue three was nice. A lot of people are complaining about things the characters are saying. And I just want to smack them and be like "Just enjoy the damn comic book". But yes, it's exciting to think they are so invested in their comics and its fans that they are roaming Tumblr. xD

I don't know why being here a certain amount of time is necessary before you can post things like that. Maybe it's to cut down on spammers and bots? Because you can't immediately go posting advertisements and stuff they figure people who are genuinely interested will do that 30-day wait. It's all a learning process! Like I've never made a body suit before, but I'm going to give it my best try for Billy. Start simple, with skirts and stuff, and then work your way up. :] And most everyone here is always available and ready for tips. I also know Ayaasan mentioned once having a group sewing party.

Well, I don't want you to discourage from doing any cosplay! Do every and all that you want, even it if makes you bankrupt! (ahaha) But taking it to conventions is always a dangerous thing, the more that sticks out- the more that can be broken off of it. And long trains and things will get dirty from being stepped on with people so close to you. I know my friend once cosplayed Sailor Saturn and her glaive was all over the place- though you could definitely find her in the crowd. xD
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