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My friends and I did a 19 person group mainly from Fellowship plus some from Towers. I decided to be the blue orc that wants to eat the hobbits in Towers.

I think you'd all enjoy our skits, we crossed LOTR with Moulin Rouge songs, and did four skits across the competition. My favourite was "Sparkling Weapons" (you'll need to click on the HD symbol) followed by "Fellowship oh Fellowship" (don't miss the Peter Jackson cameo at the end)
Helping write lyrics and choreography for so many people was a blast, and the costumes were simply a joy to look at.

All of the skits and photos are listed here:

I personally loved the hobbits:

EDIT: Regarding cloaks - we contacted the company that made the cloaks for the movies and commissioned them to replicate the grey cloaks from Lothlorien for all of our Fellowship members (plus some who just wanted one, like me ^_^), you can see in the picture above.

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