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Neat! What plans do you have? I'm actually graduating this year as well and I have no clue what to do. n_n;

The #Young Avengers tag is kind of scary sometimes. It makes me wonder if it's all right for me to be enjoying the comic so far, haha. It's good to see I'm not alone. Oh, yes, they are awesome. Gillen has always answered my questions on Formspring during his run on JiM. :-)

Yeah, that's understandable why they have rules like that. That time will fly as long as I don't think about it too much. And I look forward to seeing your end result! b(ouo)

This site does seem to be an excellent resource. Kind of wish I made the decision to join here sooner.^^; And group sewing sounds great! I'm learning how to knit too, and it's much more enjoyable in a group, heh.

Admittedly, I still can't stop thinking about how cool an Aya Monitor cosplay would be, so I guess I wasn't that discouraged. ;-) Kind of like those flags that they sometimes put on top of shopping carts, huh?


And, um, whoops. Apparently my post did go through on the Marketplace. I hope only one of the posts went through or that would be pretty embarrassing. The first time I made it, I didn't catch the whole "needs to be approved by a Moderator" thing. OTL

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