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Originally Posted by Toxic_Curiosity View Post
I wasnt even aware they were trolls. Guess i should look into it sometime. Thanks.
I only know because I've read something where they've been called "Homestuck trolls". I assumed they were some kind of demon or other type of monster...

But back to the topic at hand! Yes, a Hetalia meet-up sounds like an awesome idea~!
Even if the big meet-up we're talking about will be in the summer, do you think we should start planning were it will be and stuff now?
I'm not too familiar with the Richmond area (which would be more centralized), but if you'd consider Williamsburg for the meet-up, we could either do Colonial Williamsburg (there's a nice big lawn in front of the Governor's Palace plus the entire area itself is really nice; going inside buildings requires a pass, but you don't need to go in anywhere if you don't want to) or Busch Gardens (if you'd want to go on rides and such; this would require a pass though).

I'd also suggest Yorktown (because you have both the battlefield and the beach), but that's even further down than Williamsburg if you're coming from the western or northern part of the state.
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