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Well, for brands, there's Tokyorebel, which sells BtSSB, AatP, Putumayo, Atelier-Pierrot, Victorian Maiden and Innocent World, and there's also HarajukuHearts, which also sells Atelier-Pierrot, Putumayo, and Enchantlic Enchantilly (formerly named Chantilly, I think.) I would also suggest the US Peace Now store, but I'm pretty sure the Japanese branch just filed for bankruptcy or something, so I don't know what they have in stock, or how long they'll be open. :/ Also, H.Naoto has a great lolita brand named Frill, it's really adorable. However, they literally just closed their US store. But, their World store ships to the US, and stuff always arrives really quickly, even though it's not in the US. It's

For hair, long blunt bangs work great, and a Hime cut always looks fantastic if you have long straight hair you don't want to curl. Even if your hair is kinda short, the bangs really help make it look more lolita-ish. As always, don't forget hair accessories for that extra bit of cuteness. ^^
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