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I didn't take photos but I can review the con.

The location was horrible, too small and cramped, things were on too many different levels with nowhere near enough elevators for the amount of people. I had to walk up/down 11 flights of stairs multiple times throughout the weekend due to waiting too long for an elevator. The viewing rooms were nonexistent and the gaming was barely there (my boyfriend was incredibly disappointed by the "arcade"). The hotel itself was nice, just not big enough. The artist's alley was in an awkward location as was the dealer's room. Events were lacking, with long periods of time with not much going on, and then everything would start all at once so it was hard to get to what you wanted to see. Events were fun but many started over an hour late. Highlights: J-fashion show, lolita tea party, Mary's Blood concert (made it to the very front ^^) While I don't think I'll be going out of my way to listen to Mary's Blood, they put on a fun show. I hope they have a better location next year and work harder on getting things on time. The timing was even worse than last year.
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