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What are you studying? :] I'm hoping to get some work down at Balboa at the Museum of Man or something. That's my goal. What I want to do is work in a museum.

The Young Avengers tag scares me. I agree with half the people there and then others are like "OMG this was the worst issue yet! I might give up!" and I just look at my copies like "Am I missing something? Should I be hating this? What is happening?" But I love the comic and I'm excited to have more stuff on some of my favorite Marvel characters. ;-; It's great to know that they care about their fans~!

I'm going to put all my effort after this year to work on Billy and only Billy. xD I want him to turn out really well so fingers crossed.

I didn't used to be very active on this site, but then I ran into this thread and I talked to Ayaasan, Jono, and Link and it's great. 8D I've gotten a lot of tips, and advice from everyone here and met up with them all too! The only problem with group sewing is only having a few sewing machines at a time. xD Though I suppose some people can cut fabric. I tried it once and it was good, a few of us made props while the others sewed. It's lots of fun too just to sit around with other cosplayers and chill. Oh! Knitting sounds fun, I've wanted to learn that. o:

That's good! Go for your dreams! xD Yes! I always knew where she was and didn't have to try to get reception in the hall. Or hope she heard me.

I'm sure it'll be fine~
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