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Link to my pics all three days. =1&l=8861d4beb9

Con Report: I met awesome people I wanted to see and I had fun getting items signed (especially from Johnny Bosch). I didn't like how disorganized a few things were. For one thing, The pre-show for Eyeshine started much later and the lines were crazy. People were confused which line went first and luckily I went in quick since I was already waiting in line for 2 hours. I felt saturday needed a few things going on in the afternoon before the concert because I was getting bored abit. Also, the console room was small :/ (and I play console games quite often). I also got lost in finding things but luckily a staff person (it was a woman) who kindly help me out. The weapons policy officers took me by surprised since they kind of jump on me without me knowing I had to check with them first.

Also that mini mart next to the Main event room, it was really secluded and hidden because so many people blocked it. i didn't even knew they sold snacks, otherwise I would of raided the place.

Overall, the con was great. I wouldn't say awesome but it was great for me because of the people. thats all.
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