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Actually I think the OP should have said that the Tog is giving Cosplay Togs a bad name trust me I hear this atleast once a week about some Tog.

Also since all of you are bent on hell to make some sort of point I guess you all would say Cosplay BurLesque is giving Cosplayers a bad name alos never mind the simple fact when they perform at Conventions the line to get into see them are very long and large (Anyone who was at Otakon 2 years ago recall that the line took up most of the 4t Floor).

I think some of you need to rethink this subject.

Oh and since Furries have been brought into the discussion I can't tell you how many times I have heard cosplayers say "Oh they aren't like Us" or "Yea they are Wierd never catch me doing that stuff" so maybe we(Cosplayers) need to clean up our own style before we start bitching about some moron of a Tog and let the Togs deal with these type of folks trust me us who charge for Cosplay Shoots do deal with this morons.
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