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The point is:

What is the problem on calling that "sexy costuming"? That's what it is, it isn't cosplay and it isn't something new. Do he needs to fuck up the hobby to obtain money? Why can't he choose between a ton of themes to make photos of withouth labeling it "cosplay"? Why can't he use other names for it? Most cosplayers aren't professionals, just hobbyists. Mixing costuming hobbyists with professional strippers is not a good idea. It is not the same thing. The first ones are cosplayers who want to get fun dressing up for a few days in a year. The others obtain money to remove their clothes off daily and aren't cosplayers.

If he is just a regular photographer far away from the hobby or if he is used to work with regular models, it has no sense to me that he all of a sudden wants to force himself into cosplay while re-defining it to obtain money, with the possible consequence of cosplay disappearing as an independent thing and falling into the existing category of "sexy costume porn".

So one person wants to make money out of something that tons of people around the world have created decades ago for a totally diferent purpose. It does not sound legit to me. Does he want to obtain money through cosplay? Then take professional photos of actual cosplayers in exchange of a fee. Make discounts for groups. Work in Cosplay Deviants (the most similar thing to actual Japanese cosplayers selling their DVDs that there is in the Western world).

This is not like Japan, where normal cosplayers can do cosplay porn and sell it on DVD aside from the main cosplay hobby and aside from regular porn. Cosplay is cosplay, porn is porn, cosplay porn is another separate thing. Neither of the three things are mainstream, neither mixed. There's no intention of making such things happen.

This is about normal people bursting into the hobby with no idea about it and not even wanting to know about it, but do as they please to obtain money.
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