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Cool, Biology is too intense for me. xD I never could do science or math well. The Museum of man is interesting, but I can't actually remember going myself. As awful as that sounds, they're just the only ones who could take my major for an internship.. Oops?

True, true.. Although Loki is still Loki no matter what. I did like the little slip in, in the last one where America was like 'You can't trust him' and Teddy and Billy were all "We know.. 'Loki'" I laughed. I miss Tommy! I'm so excited that he's gonna come back~ And from the preview pages it looks like Eli will also.

Well, we live in SD but we travel all over, so I guess it's more than we're based here? And we're pretty active I think, even though only a few of us post. Sewing machines are not as portable, no. xD They are heavy, plus all their wires and fixings. D'aww~ I've seen a lot of people make tiny things while knitting. Like I bought my mother a little knitted pineapple~ Those are cute.

That's good!
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