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I've been bitching about what I call the "sexification of cosplay" for some time now. Girls are wearing "costumes" that are no costumes that are unnecessarily see it al ot in genderbending and it pisses me off. Some examples:

That is not Thor. Period. Thats you trying to look sexy and doing a bad job at genderbending.

And this...WTF is this?

I think it's stuff like this that's giving cosplay a bad name. And some girls (Im sure theres guys like this too) Will wear a sexy costume and no NOTHING about it's fandom. Example: At a star wars convention, a girl was dressed as slave leia. It was during their gathering and someone said "Hey lets go get our pictures by the giant rancor. This girls response: "What's a rancor?" ...stfu you fail go away. ugh...
/end rant
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