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Indeed! Better late than never.

Oh Loki. You aren't making life easy for yourself. xD Waaaaaaaat. Not Eli? But they're wearing Patriot's stuuuuff. Ugh. Re-Reading the article I skimmed it does say "Mystery involving a familiar face" and "appears to be someone in the original Patriot outfit" Which implies I suppose that it's a total stranger instead. D: Boo. I don't like Eli as much, but I really wanted the original crew. Oh well, at least Tommy is back. And this new boy, Prodigy, should be interesting.

Uh well, I live part time in Hawaii. So I guess that's kind of far? I've also been to Otakon in Maryland. I haven't sewn any toys myself, I'm more of a prop maker, but Ayaasan makes excellent plushies! :]

Link. Get working on your Mercury! D<

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