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My biggest complaint was the Hyatt's lobby bar. It is supposed to be a lobby bar, where alcohol is served. Turning it into a junk food depository was a bad idea. At the very least, it could have been used as an actual lobby bar in the evening. I am seriously tempted to call the host hotel for Akon and make sure that THEIR bar is staying open.

The other thing that was terrible was having all the bemani machines around the lobby. Really the lobby was a disaster since it was the only open area where you could find a spot that you weren't on top of other people constantly. People would line up to play them and there would be no room to walk by, plus it was really noisy. This also didn't help with the temperature of the hotel. It was an oven. I spent almost the entire weekend outside since it was so horrifically warm indoors and so beautiful outdoors.
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