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It's pretty easy to stick around when you have mutual interests! Haven't really done much crochet myself. One of my roommates taught me how to crochet a flower and that's all I've done. xD So you've done more than me in that department.

Too soon? April just started, haha. XD Maybe it seems like less time when you're working on something.


Nope, he is not. Naughty little god. :| I wonder if the person wearing the Patriot outfit is someone familiar... And, yay! \(ouo)/

That's really cool! Never visited there before, but it must be all kinds of awesome to be living there every now and then. How was Otakon? :-)

Ah, her Cake plushie is really cute!^^ I was thinking it would be cool to have a plush bag of Thori, Loki's dog in JiM, as an alternative to carrying a purse around. I was thinking that the dog pattern in the book I have can be modified a bit to look more like him. But I probably couldn't learn how to tackle that in 3 months or so, huh? x_X;
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