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I can't think of it as anyone but Eli. xD But if it's someone else I hope Tommy punches them for stealing it.

Well, I'll be a permanent resident of California soon~ But my friends still want me to travel back for con. So we'll see. I enjoyed Otakon a lot. I met people there I still talk to three years later! It's a big East coast convention, but no overwhleming compared to AX or CC. I've been getting more into comic books, so I'd like to get into more comic-based conventions. I've always gone to CC since I was little, so it was more tradition than interest. xD

Aw, that would be a cute idea! I love how creative people get with their bags and stuff. Don't want to take away from the outfit, so make a bag that fits! Love it. I'm sure you could do it! You never know unless you try.

Link you've got four months. o_o Stop adding cosplays and I think you'll be fine.
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