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Maybe you could pick it up again someday! I'd like how to make amigurumi dolls, personally. Well, it's a very simple flower. It's supposed to be a coaster... or a doily. We made several of them and we don't use them at all. ^_^;; It's just not a habit to put something under my cup before I set it down.

Heh, I'm sure it will be great! (ouo)


It's going to suck to be that guy. x)

I guess you went to school in Hawaii then? Ah, that's really cool. I hope I meet some cool people, too. Usually, I only talk to my roommates, but I'm practically going to be living by myself for the rest of the quarter. :-( And the quarter just started today, ho-hum. Well, a renewed interest in comics will probably make it even more fun, yeah? :-D

Yeah, you're right. Wouldn't hurt to give it a shot! Could be a good learning experience.
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