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Since everyone got sidetracked on altered and/or gender-bent barely-dressed con cosplays there is an easy solution, I use it all the time.

If it bothers you; Avoid people who sacrifice design for skin. Don't look at them, don't talk to them, and don't bother arguing with them. Keeeeeep on walking... or scrolling. Whichever (much like trolls they win if you give them even a second of your time)

It won't make a difference of course, but it's not worth your time or energy anyways.

My issue: Saw an Ironwoman that the upper armor suit ended like a high cut bathing suit around the hips area and she had knee high armor boots... ... ... ... ... So... just planning to get those bare legs ripped off femTony? start nerd rant The suit is what protects his body, that's why it's called an exoskeleton! Without it he'd get broken to bits, it is a full suit for a reason!!!! GRRRRRRR! How could she survive a hail of bullets armored like that?!?!?!?!?!end nerd rant
The lack of logic makes my head hurt and the nerd inside me cry.

I know some (>_>) on here seem a bit preachy about defending said ideas. But remember; it's a free country and you can dislike someone for whatever reasons you want. Since when did do you have to like what anyone else likes? Where does it say you can't disapprove of others? Haters gonna hate. No really. People are always going to dislike something; if you're a jerk or not depends on what you do with your disdain. I roll my eyes silently and bottle it up for later use when I wanna practice my batting swing. I throw my middle finger in the air and yell "I don't have to support your lack of decency in the tiniest bit, mofo." And that's my right too People bicker this slut-shaming stuff to the end of the world with still nothing to show for it (do realize some of them are obvious trolls). Bottom line, no one HAS to like or defend anyone or thing they don't want to nor will any amount of moralist-bashing change peoples opine. I disapprove of other humans on a daily basis on a variety of issues and shall continue to... In a peaceable manner, of course.

Now can people get back to the OP's topic at hand?

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