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Aaah I am so happy with how the final ensemble came together for New Year's Furisode Hotaru! Unfortunately I had to change out of it quickly after the photoshoot since the obi was very tight (I had quite a bit of help dressing this time thanks to the Sakuracon Kimono Workshop, but I'm going to aim for dressing completely by myself the next time). I also need to set the red dye on the nagajuban further, since when one spot at breast level became wet with sweat it bled onto my kimono slip and the lining of the furisode. Thankfully the kimono slip is very easily washable and it didn't bleed through to the outside of the furisode, so it was very fortunate I caught the bleeding problem before it became a disaster.

I had so much fun too being Myu Saturn again. *u* I really love that cosplay and I hope I never have to retire it. It is showing some cosmetic signs of wear (mostly in the gold lamé bias tape in the choker and on the skirt undersides, and the poor tissue lamé bows need replacing with tricot lamé), but structurally it's still very sound and I just need to make it a new leotard again to account for my drastic change in posture since the last leotard remake (2008). Overall it's about eight years old in age now, I can hardly believe it.
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