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While I rather enjoyed myself this past weekend, I can understand why so many people had issues with the con. Before I get started on my personal review of the con, let me say that I hadnít been to a convention in several years, so my experiences may be biased.
The attendees- my last con experience before this one (Onicon í09) was TERRIBLE!! I remember the attendees that year being especially immature and douchey. Perhaps thatís why I was pleasantly surprised by the behavior of AMs convention goers. Everyone I interacted with was courtesy and polite. There were only a few instances when I overheard juvenile insults and complaints being thrown around. And thank god, no memes constantly being shouted throughout the lobby!
The dealerís room- I actually liked the fact that the dealerís room was in the basement of the hotel. I know that this was a little off-putting to some attendees, but I like that this allowed the DR to really spread out and take advantage of all the room down there. There were lots of different vendors, and I especially like that there was a little concession stand set up down there in case you got a snack attack.
The food trucks- These were a lifesaver!!! The hotel restaurants were overpriced and underwhelming, so the food trucks really helped. The food was on the pricey side, but definitely worth it IMO. The chicken and waffle truck was AMAZING!
The Marvel Cosplay contest/ World Cosplay Summit- While I found the main cosplay contest to be underwhelming (mainly due to the teenagers behind me who couldnít keep quiet) I was blown away by the MCC and WCS. The entrants in both of these competitions were phenomenal.
The lack of space-like others have stated, everything was very, very cramped. The hotel, while nice, just didnít have the space to accommodate a convention as large as AM. Artist Alley in particular felt like being squeezed in a smelly, sweaty vise.
The elevators- I feel really, really bad for the attendees who were on the higher floors. I had it pretty easy on the 9th floor, so the times I had to climb up from the lobby were only a little exhausting. For those who had rooms on the upper levels, I can only imagine what it was like having to climb the stairs because of the lack of elevators.
Security- I completely understand the need for security and weapons check, but there were a few overzealous staffers (I believe they were hotel staff) who were really rude to attendees. I got yelled at as soon as I walked in the doors for not having my sword checked. The staffer clearly saw me struggling to get my badge on over my wig while juggling my wallet, phone, and AM guide.
The con layout-I realize that this was mainly due to the lack of space in the hotel, but having the con spread out over multiple levels was really confusing. When you take into account the lack of elevators, it made getting around the con really difficult.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at AM and canít wait for the next con.
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