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Originally Posted by Angii View Post
Also, I don't know if I was the only one who had to deal with it, but I had to check some of my props twice into weapons check just to please security and their need to have the proper color wristband around my weapons, which I thought was just stupid. Yes, I'm totally going to be safe with my staff on Friday, but on Sunday? No, totally going to hit people with it because I have the wrong day's wristband attached. /sarcasm
Your not the only one. Im pretty sure other people had to deal with it as well.

Pros: I met awesome people I wanted to meet and I had fun getting items signed (especially from Johnny Bosch).
I also liked the food trucks outside the convention area because lets face it, the hotel food may taste good but the price is high.
dealer's room: I actually liked the variety of it and even bought some items I didn't think I will find it. The snack area where ramune and pocky was sold was great, I bought plenty to take home for the family.


Just like Angii mention, security staff were overboard and took me by surprised when they pull me out to get my weapons check. I had the color band on friday and I even ask one of the staff members if it be okay for tomorrow so that I won't have to deal with it or go through with them again. She said it was fine, but saturday came and I wore the same outfit in the afternoon and I noticed people had other color bands which I was unaware of. Luckily, the guy who was there was kind enough to change the color band just to avoid any trouble from other staffs, but I didn't really didn't see the point in it since its already marked as safe.

Hotel: The hotel was lovely but god was it hot those days. I was sweating more then the usual in my outfit that I had to literally go outside and take some air. The elevators were cramp and I walked the stairs often but I felt bad for those who had their rooms in the other levels.

Panel rooms/events/ etc:

I was disappointed with the console rooms. It was not only small, but cramp and had the usual funk smell I remember enduring when I was a Game staff.
There were some areas I didn't know how to get there and the map didn't really help much, plus some panels started late.
After the bloopers panel on friday, I was sitting down waiting for the next panel and this staff girl was rude yelling at people to get out if they weren't 18+. Then she said for those who were staying to show some ID's, which we were ready to do so but she change her mind and rudely ask us to leave.
I understand your doing your job, but no need to yell at people especially in front of the VA's who were leaving from the previous panel. It made me not want to stay there if I was going to be treated like an idiot.

Saturday night: The concert lines for the events were huge. Not only did Eyeshine concert started later then the actual timing, but those who waited in line early (like myself) and those who got there late were confused which line was it for the show. It got sorted out later after we told a staff that the line next to the escalators were there first and the rest of the line was in the wall on the right side.

I also didn't realize there was this snack area nearby the Main event hallway, but it was really secluded and half of the time hidden by people who were standing there.

Thoughts: I liked the hotel and even tho I didn't stayed there (i stayed in the doubletree). I had fun spending time with friends and newer friends and I know I be back to AM the next year. I just hope they pay attention to their schedules and improved on their staff because half the time I asked a question, they didn't have any clues of what was going on or there were too busy.
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