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You look adorable !!

Tons of people tend to always have things to say. Especially if it isn't to someones face. Even cosplayers that seem like they did flawless construction work get bashed on.
Don't look too much into this.

And I know it may be a stretch, but it is very true that most of the people probably aren't cosplayers and are just jealous.. They may also be weeaboo's expected cosplayers to look like they just jumped out of the television screen.
Another possibility is that some of them are just having a bad day.. And feel like they need to bash on others to make themselves look like a big kid. ^^

If you are really feeling so insecure about this, why not try asking for critiques on your cosplays by others at Or maybe a professional.. ? That way you are sure to get honest feedback. I honestly see nothing wrong with your cosplay, and again, you are adorable.

I wouldn't hate the people that insult you.. They probably have their own personal issues and are just ignorant.. And most are probably far below your level anyway.. Why waste your life worrying about scum?

Well anyway, I hope I helped you in some way.. I will be cosplaying soon, myself.. So I shall prepare myself for the big world of haters. xD

I shall leave you with this..
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