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Original Character Cosplay in a 'normal' Cosplay Competition

Hi All, (didnt know where was more appropriate to post this but here goes)

Recently I have been told that at a local con, they will be allowing Original Characters to compete against normal cosplay characters. I personally dont think that this is fair or makes much sense as OC's should be judged as a seperate category. How can you hold someone who designed and made their own character to the same standard of accuracy and character presentation and portrayal as someone who is recreating a known character?? How are you to know that the person achieved what they set out to achieve and didnt fail, I could easily draw the character I created and present that as a concept sketch. How can you tell an OC creator that their interpretation of their own character is wrong? To me the two should remain seperate and have rules which apply to their different creative processes.

Let me know your thoughts
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