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Stay away from processed foods... Eat real whole foods! Fruits, and vegetables should be the majority of your intake. I will juice 2 pummelos for breakfast, with a couple of bananas. For lunch I'll eat homemade vegetable soup with lentils, and half of a vegetable wrap with beans. For dinner I'll make spaghetti squash with an organic tomato sauce, seasonings and fresh herbs. I am vegan, but I have lost all my pregnancy weight plus I am 12 pounds under the weight I was before I got pregnant. If you do plan to eat meat eat small amounts of it, and dairy I wouldn't recommend at all. If you must have pastas or bread I'd recommend a rice bread not a wheat bread. As for protein... I get most of my daily intake from beans, greens, lentils, nuts, seeds, and quinoa. Those are much cleaner sources that are easier for the body to break down. I hope that helps.
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