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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post

the noodles came with a little packet of fish sauce, which is a little bit sweet and I think I'd leave it out next time. It also came with little green onions and chili powder. I added soy and memmi to the broth. I think the fish sauce is still just a little too sweet for me.

I added some finely shredded onion, button mushrooms, and left over Easter ham that I put under the broiler for a little bit. I also added some nori. The soft boiled eggs are kinda ugly looking so I waited to take two pictures :P

I just briefly marinated them in the fridge with a watered down sweetened soy sauce. I think the liquidy yolk makes the broth taste better and cuts through the fish paste/sauce sweetness.

Next time I am going to leave out the mushrooms (or just leave a few little slices in) and the onions. I don't think they're bringing anything super great into things. But it's not bad.
That looks freaking amazing!!!!!!!

I keep seeing commercials for Burger King's new turkey burger and veggie burger and I really want to try them out. Also Wendy's chicken flatbread sandwiches...Need to not eat out, but want to try... XD
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