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Furie- That is so awsome!!!!! I love your article too. I can so relate as I'm a wallflower and tend to be shy and quiet. Being a princess sure pulls you out of your shell quick, especially with the little kids.

LKD- Love your Merida and Tink. I never would have thought to do that with the bears for your Merida. Great idea! Also love the Peri wig.

Geb- Sorry to hear about your boyfriends mother passing. The first time I wore my Rapunzel the skirt wasn't embroidered at all. The second time, only the center back design and about four on each side of it were done. I'm almost done embroidering it and it's taken me over a year, off and on, to get it done. Keep at it. It will be so worth it in the end.

Progress for me- currently making armor for my May costume. I'm also 90% done with the underskirt for it. I'm currently discovering how much fun Model Magic air dry clay is.

Rapunzel skirt is about four to six patterns away from being done!!!!!! Yay!! Then I get to embroider the sleeves. LOL I will try and post progress pics before the week is out. I've been without internet for about a week now so, catching up on a lot.
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