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Originally Posted by momomilk View Post
Hey. So I'm trying to make League of Legend's Sona's prop. Any idea what material I could use to craft the harp out of? (to get the curvy shape and such) and also, how would I go about doing the designs of the harp? And what could I use to get the strings? I have a general idea of what I could do but I'd like some help. Any kind of suggestions or ideas would be really helpful!
Try these:

I like the second best.

Originally Posted by toxicXkitten View Post
does anyone have a tutorial on these boots? or could you point me in the right direction? Id love to have these since y Yuuki fell through v.v
Try this: 925

The hooves can work with simple alterations. Also, check out the boot covers tutorial on the second page. Sakurahime's is really good.

Originally Posted by Amandy-Chan View Post
Anyone know any tutorials for a prop revolver? Usually for guns, I use foam and spackling paste, but since the parts of a revolver are more rounded, I don't think it'll work. (And Google search is stupid and searches for "gun" when I write "revolver". I'm being specific for a reason. -___- ) Here's the gun in question that I'm making if that helps. It seems like a pretty standard revolver to me, though.
Have you thought of getting a toy and repainting it? Try looking up Harley Quinn's Pop Gun. I'd use a toy gun and foam.

Originally Posted by wolf_enzeru View Post
I need help !! I want to make a Walolita dress like this did someone knows how to make it ? patterns that I could use ? tutorials ? I will apreciated all the help you can do for me also I'm a plus size
Try under the Fashion sub-forum, Other Fashion. Use the search this forum tool.
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