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I'll be there also as Orihara Izaya. Most of our website staff from Death's Door Prods will be attending as characters from Durarara. Talking to a few people at Con-G, there's also going to be a large group of Baccano cosplayers this year who wanted to do a cross-over meet-up, I just don't have their contact information, although we did give them our business card for them to contact us if they choose to do so. No doubt we'll run into them again, as we always do.

As of right now, we also have a Shizuo, Celty (hopefully headless and with helmet if I can get the mechanics to work), Shinra, Kida, Kadota, and I recently recruited one of our fans to be a Slasher (they'll be wearing all grey clothes with stark red contacts and some some sort of blade). I'm also in the middle of assembling the Psychedelic versions - which I have to design most of them - for NEXT year.

Saturday we will be performing various outdoor events, including multiple dance performances, and whatever fun interpersonal games we can arrange for people to play. I would give more details, but we're still working out everything and anything about all of this; dance choreography takes a long time to arrange and teach to everyone. Although, we'll be utilizing some of the official character songs, like Shinra's Butterfly (which most of the dance is already choreographed) and Kida's Linda Linda.

Hopefully you will be there for Saturday, as I have already worked out a "spontaneous" and unique Gangnam Style performance with myself and our Shizuo that is actually quite funny, especially to those who know the series. Note that we are particularly well experienced for that dance and won't be a simple lame attempt at it.

I know of at least one other Shizuo and Celty going this year, and they did a very good job, especially of their props! I was practically drooling over the sign they made...
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