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Originally Posted by Tatsukitty View Post
Hi guys! I've been a lurker but just got an account and I cosplay belle! No real photoshoots yet, sadly, but hopefully soon. I don't get recognized a lot... People call me wendy or alice all the time. Is there anything I could do to be more recognizable in the blue dress? I'm thinking maybe a basket and books, and maybe making a Lumiere and Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, etc.
The magic mirror and chip would be some nice props too Maybe get yourself a group?

But don't be too harsh on people, it's common for some characters to get mixed up by people. My friend got called Belle as Cinderella and another friend who did Belle was mistaken for Cinderella. I even had people calle me Snow White when I was Mulan (and in a very mean way, too!).
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