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Originally Posted by asumasensei View Post
hello I have two questions:

i am a male/ boy

1. I wonder if I wear xl in normal clothes and normal suit what size I need to order my crossplay?

2. you advise me what makeup to hide the beard?

thank you

1 - You need to take measurements. Male to female measurements are done differently. Most guys wear XL shirts, but XL shirts don't "hug them tight" like female clothes tend to. Take a tape measure for clothing, and measure yourself, then you can find out if you can fit in all the areas. The biggest problem is the stomach area mostly. You can build breasts, but forming a thin tummy isn't as easy. Measure accordingly.

2 - Shave as close to the skin as you can, and then go over the beard and mustache area with an orange or pink lipstick or skin color. Preferably a thick orangish, since beards make a blue hue, and orange would cancel out blue. You can easily find an orange skin stick at a local drugstore. Once you have that going, use a skin-matching foundation, and cover it up.
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