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Name Of Commissioner: AYM Cosplay
Website/ gallery: http://www.BANNED*FOR*
Character Comissioned and series/videogame: Mana Ouma (final version) --,Screenshot ( it is the one of the left)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: I will post later, but here a link of what it is supposed to look like http://www.BANNED*FOR*
Timeline: Order is March 21 and received yesterday April 4th
Describe your Experience: Well after seeing guilty crown, I really wanted to d the final form of Mana since it such an awesome design, and I lack the sewing skills to complete it. I did a little digging and this is one of the only places making it (my con is in May so comissioning was out of the questions at this point), so this was my best option.
Pros: Fast deleivery! Wow, their website states it will take about 30 days and I got it in about 2 weeks. The material is sturdy and it looks just like its photos does. It was well out together and look nice all together.
Cons: I requested a more custom fit, and the bottom skirt does not really fit, I can get it on, but it is a little short. Also, the top defiantly shows some.. goodies. Also the bottom skirt (not the big flowing portion) is like a shiny material, when in ther photo it is more mat. Also, it took them a couple days to get back to you when you ask them a question.

Other than that, for the price I paid, it was a nice costume. I will have to see what I can do about the top, but everything else fits nice and the quality is really good. I would recommend them to someone if they need a decent costume in a short amoutn fo time.

Final grade: A- (mostly for the measurments being not accurate despite requesting a custom fit, also the lack in communciation --never told me the item even shipped).
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