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Hey from CO

Hello all,

I am a beginner cosplayer looking to add to my knowledge base of the art. I have a large family, all that enjoy cosplaying, and have enjoyed the past 2 years of my wifes and my toils. I have 7 kiddos, and this year is comic book super hero year. Last year we did bleach, the year before, I had made my oldest son Halo MC Mk.V armor. My wife is going to be a femail version of the cinematic loki, my oldest son, my most ambitious plan this year, will be Iron man Mk 5 with moving helmet lid and body panels.

Though I have some experience now with sewing doing the Hakamas and other garments of the Bleach genre, I still need help, and hope to be able to tap the plethora of knowledge here, and contribute the little I can in return. Thank you for having me, look forward to perusing the forums and conversing with all of you.
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