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Originally Posted by Meriadie View Post
My group will be cosplaying Hetalia! I will be Russia, and my friends will be Belarus and Ukraine! I hope I see you there >.> Canada will be a toughie to find, almost like Where's Waldo.
Oh yea! I think you've told me about going as Belarus, Ukraine and Russia! Though I probably have the wrong person here.
(But if you are the right person: It's Tamera, Sorry I haven't been on facebook at all lately. Im mostly on tumblr (strife-with-a-knife) and if you want my skype I can PM you c: Also, I believe my friend is going as China. I can only go to AMA for one day. Since I have Band Camp right after.)
*Is trying to make more Hetalian/Homestuck friends c:
Feel free to talk to me on tumblr!
Cons Im going to:
~Otakon 2013
~AMA 2013
~Nekocon 16

~ Iceland (Hetalia)(0%)
~Jake English (Default/Suit and Shorts) (60%)
~ MilitaryStuck!Jake English (0%)
~ Dave Strider (100%)
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