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Originally Posted by yorozuya00 View Post
Oiiiiiiiii. Straw! YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS BUT COUNT ME IN HAHAHAHAA (this be KingOfSadism on dA, but everyone calls me Kaitoki or Sensei LOL). I'LL BRING FOOD TOO. STRAWBERRY POCKYYYYY. Oi oi, but I still gotta pick who I'm gonna be for the gatherin' though I'm doin' 5 Gintama cosplays next year (cosplayin' two in one day) and it's pretty hard choosing between: Shinsengumi!Gintoki, White Ninja!Gintoki, Clone!Gintoki, Modern!Gintoki and Gura (Male!Kagura). But I'll let ya' know who I end up pickin' to cosplay for the gathering
LOL This is Kaitoki-- Just changed accounts. And ya' can count me bein' Sakata Gintoki for the gatherin'!
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