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Originally Posted by Akune-chan View Post
Something else that I noticed that I haven't seen mentioned while skimming this forum (sorry if this was mentioned before)

The mobile site.
Omfg the mobile site.
It makes me rage so much.

1. When you zoom in, the toolbar at the top of the page zooms in as well. Not a big deal, until you side scroll to the right in order to log in. The toolbar remains in the exact same place cutting off Events, Forums, Search, Wig Store and the log in drop down box thing.
2. When you somehow finally get to the log in drop box thing, you click the place to type your username and password, your keyboard comes up, the drop box thing disappears. Like wait, now I have to blindly enter my username and password? Great.
3. Now I am not sure if this is because of my phone or not but now when you surf the forums, there is a white, slightly transparent film that covers the whole place, except the tool bar. Extremely strange.
4. Now I am guessing due to this film, when you go to type in a comment/respond to a forum, the first letter of every word is capitalized. And if you make a mistake and you go back to change it, that letter you just changed, becomes capitalized.

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