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Oh, dear. And here I thought it was just the shop that was dying. I ordered a wig (pre-order) back in February, and while it's listed as complete, I have yet to receive it. It's April.

The announcements on just about every page in the Wig Store are horribly out of date, and have been for some time--TOO long. I contacted the store last month after having no update on my wig, and mentioned the outdated notices. Some of them are gone, some of them are just slightly changed, and that's really about it.

I recently e-mailed the support staff about the wig again (I think I sent it Thursday?) and have yet to receive a response. My last query was replied to in about a day, and I'm severely disappointed. I need that wig if I'm going to make even Senshi Matsuri, since I probably won't be able to hit up AB. But the staff is incommunicado.

Has anyone else had this problem? (and also, why is there no forum for the store? Or even just a designated one for Site Feedback? Seems just as short sighted as all the errors and such you all have found.)
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