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Huh, oh, what?
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As a person who both love Homestuck and Hetalia equally, (kinda rare *shrug*) If you wanna know, the main characters are actually four humans named John, Rose, Dave and Jade. The trolls come in WAY later in the story.
I've just been more attached to Homestuck since i found it out before i found Hetalia. Anyway It would be cool to go to a meet up! I was going to go to the Christmas one last year but i missed it. And yes, I live in the 757 Area of Hampton (if you wanna chat on skype its The_Great_Percussionist , tell me who you are, what you cosplay and such pls!)

Now, I wouldn't plan this around Independence day, (yknow..) And i do agree with going to Williamsburg, though it would be better if we can find a place where the majority of the Hetalia fans can go! c: (I cosplay Punkish!Italy, America, and im working on Iceland btw)
*Is trying to make more Hetalian/Homestuck friends c:
Feel free to talk to me on tumblr!
Cons Im going to:
~Otakon 2013
~AMA 2013
~Nekocon 16

~ Iceland (Hetalia)(0%)
~Jake English (Default/Suit and Shorts) (60%)
~ MilitaryStuck!Jake English (0%)
~ Dave Strider (100%)
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