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Originally Posted by MonkeyToe View Post
Ha! THAT is hilarious. The real question is do you think anyone will STILL ship the two? >.> <.<


As for it being a SyFy joint I take offense at that Syfy MOVIES are hori-bad, but I actually enjoy quite a few of their series. I watch Warehouse 13 and Alphas on that channel. My wife watches Lost Girl on it. I think these series are pretty good, and the trailers make the series look amazing.
Originally Posted by DarkFujin View Post
LOL yeah, I saw the thread on /cgl/ recently about cosplayers shipping those two before th game released. Awkward.

As for Syfy shows, I love their shows, but they do have a habit if canceling their shows. Alphas was canceled, by the way. As much as I like Warehouse 13, I'd be surprised if that got renewed for season 5.
Isn;t Lost Girl horribly censored compared to the Canadian version (avail on Netflix!) and most of the shows you mentioned are over/cancelled? SyFy REALLY needs some original programming that ISNT reality TV/wrasslin/ GHOST BRAHS!/lost to the BBC.

As for BxE, YEAHHHH, I'm sure there's some sections of the internet that ship that, but I ain't about that lyfe. And I haven't been on /cgl/ in forever, but I've made it a point NOT to cosplay something until I'm familiar with the character. I almost made the mistake of cosplaying Axel before KH2 dropped, and was relieved that I didn't after playing said game.

On-topic, I'm about 20 hours into my 2nd FE:A run, where I'm working on my team of all FUTURE BABIES, and trying to get them to get their bone on. Console wise, wrapping up Tomb Raider, which man, is a great game, but Bioshock definetly did not do that game any favors.
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