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my brother and i have a bunch that go together. Chrona and medusa from soul eater. Ash and misty (occasionally we get our younger brother to be brock). Rinnuske and yuuke from touhou. Castiel and dean winchester from supernatural (occasionally hell do dean instead of castiel and ill do sam). Russia and belarus from hetalia........ Our list goes on and on.... Basically one of us will decide on a character and suggest who the other should be to go with. That way we both get to cosplay characters we like and have someone with us that goes with.
Conventions 2013 -

Attending -
Katsucon *FEB* - Hiccup (how to Train Your Dragon), Austria (Hetalia), Rose Tyler (Dr Who)
Zenkaikon *MARCH*- Hiccup, Austria, Finland (scandinavia and the World), PJ!Ukraine (Hetalia - original design), Sherlock (BBC's Sherlock)
Anime Weekend Atlanta *Sep* - Medusa (Soul Eater), Yuuka (Touhou Project), Ukraine or Belarus (Hetalia)

Possibly -
Anime Next *JUNE*
Otakon *AUG*
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