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Originally Posted by Vaesauce View Post
Easier said than done. And most girls would just assume you're desperate lol.
Not incredibly TOO true, hahaha. Some girls do think like that, especially if you just met them. Con weekend is not long enough for some females to think love/trust/relationship to form. But of course that's just some of them. Some are hopeless romantics and don't mind jumping into a relationship (may or may not be a bad thing, just depends on the future situations). If if the person is nice and fun, doesn't seem to be forcing anything upon the girl, it's always possible for some more, if not, friends are always great too. Some of us like to be friends first and getting to know a person out of the con.

Oh hey all. I'm, of course, single and loving my single life. I'm always looking for cosplaying friends. Just thought I drop by. Hahaha.
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